Monday, November 18, 2013

The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

No need to stress about cooking the turkey this year! I used this recipe last Sunday as a "practice run" and it was delicious! Thanks to Carol Vig for sharing.

Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Rub the bird all over with butter (inside and out) - 1 big stick

Salt and pepper all over (inside and out)

400 for 15 minutes uncovered

325 for rest of time. 

Baste with butter every 15-30 minutes. (I melt 2 additional sticks to have at the ready)

I also have some chicken broth to baste with too to keep it super moist

Cover with foil if too brown

Tips: Buy a turkey roast foil pan at grocery. So much better that the roaster and then you can throw the thing away. I don’t think the turkey is as good with it is lifted out of pan. 

Here’s the code:
15 minutes per pound i.e. 3 hours = 12 pounds. 
170 degrees in breast and thigh is perfect ready temp


Wednesday, November 13, 2013

My Mama Made That!

We are so excited about this cookbook called My Mama Made That from the Hampton Roads Virginia Junior League. Beautiful pictures and fabulous recipes fill the pages of this old fashioned cookbook. Step back in time and get inspired about entertaining the way Mama did! Available at for only $30!