Monday, November 18, 2013

The Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

No need to stress about cooking the turkey this year! I used this recipe last Sunday as a "practice run" and it was delicious! Thanks to Carol Vig for sharing.

Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey

Rub the bird all over with butter (inside and out) - 1 big stick

Salt and pepper all over (inside and out)

400 for 15 minutes uncovered

325 for rest of time. 

Baste with butter every 15-30 minutes. (I melt 2 additional sticks to have at the ready)

I also have some chicken broth to baste with too to keep it super moist

Cover with foil if too brown

Tips: Buy a turkey roast foil pan at grocery. So much better that the roaster and then you can throw the thing away. I don’t think the turkey is as good with it is lifted out of pan. 

Here’s the code:
15 minutes per pound i.e. 3 hours = 12 pounds. 
170 degrees in breast and thigh is perfect ready temp


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